Burp Cloth and Baby Sock Cupcake Tutorial


Here is the final tutorial in the series!! Cupcakes made out of burp cloths and baby socks.

What you need:

  1. Burp Cloth – I made a fringed burp cloth and mine was about 17″ x 9″. Random size huh? I used the tutorial at Home Sweet Home
  2. 2 pairs of 0-6 month size socks. If you found some triple roll, you might only need 1 pair.
  3. 4 cup size coffee filters
  4. A Rubber band – not pictured
  5. Ribbon (to cover the rubber band)
  6. Scotch Tape

What you do:

Step 1: Fold the burp cloth into fourths and set aside. I wanted the fringe to be prominant, so mine isn’t exactly in fourths. You can see what I mean in the picture.

Step 2: Start rolling your socks at the top. You want there to be a slight cone shape, so as you roll, go at a slight angle. You probably want slightly less of a cone shape, so maybe not so dramatic on the angle of the rolling.
Note: Have the toe of the sock pointing down on all of the socks.

Step 3: Add your second start at the end of the ribbing of the first sock. Continue rolling along, until all your socks are rolled up.
Tip: When I added sock #4, I just made sure to add it opposite of where I started sock three. In the picture you can see the ends of the two purple socks are opposite each other.

Step 4: When you are all finished rolling your socks, fold the ends of the socks up as neatly as possible. If you would like to, you can tape the socks off. I didn’t have need to.
Step 5: Take the burp cloth you set aside and put your socks on one end. One guess what you do next. Yep, that’s it! You roll it up!
Step 6: Secure your cupcake with a piece of scotch tape.
Step 7: Take about 10 or so coffee filters and put your cupcake inside. Multiple coffee filters help the filters keep their shape and look more like a cupcake wrapper.
Put a rubber band around the roll to keep the coffee filters in place. You can even out the ridges in the coffee filter by pulling and pinching.
Step 8: Cover the rubber band with ribbon. I had redone the cupcake about 3 times and taken 150 pictures by this point, but apparently I forgot a picture of this step. I just heat sealed both ends of ribbon and taped it at the back with a piece of scotch tape. I would also consider hot gluing the ribbon on too.

You are done!

One last note: After I got finished with all of the cupcakes I decided the socks were sticking up too much to my liking. So, I just took my thumb and smooshed them down a bit.

These would look adorable in a cake box or some sort of pastry box.

I hope you enjoyed this series of tutorials. I have enjoyed making them. I hope they are a big hit at the baby shower too!

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  1. says

    I haven’t ever seen cupcakes! I’ve seen a million diaper cakes, but these are SO CUTE! I will definitely keep this idea for the future. Thank you for your comment and for linking back to my blog! I’m so glad you did or else I wouldn’t have seen these! Take care!

  2. says

    I invite you to come and check out my diaper cupcakes on my etsy site: http//www.mmtncrfts.etsy.com

    They are really popular for baby shower gifts and favors!

  3. says

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your tutorials and can’t wait to use them on my sisters baby shower soon. Thanks for the inspiration!
    I’ll be following!

  4. says

    These are so adorable! Too bad I don’t know anyone having a shower that I will be invited to. I may have to make them for a gift… Thanks for sharing! Visiting from My Frugal Family.

  5. says

    Ok, that is darling. How creative are you?! Gosh, I usually just feel so proud that I remembered to buy or make a gift…now I think I need to step it up!

  6. says

    WOW!! I’m loving this!

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft On Thursday at Life As Lori… Please join me next week for another great party!

  7. says

    I have never seen anything like these. JUST PRECIOUS! I adore this idea in every way. I would love nothing more then for you to link this cuteness up to my first ever lINK PARTY going on now at Craftomaniac.blogspot.com Jen

    Your newest follower too! šŸ˜‰

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    My daughter is expecting in December and you better believe these cute ideas/crafts will be at her shower! Thanks for a crafty “different” idea! These beat diaper cakes hands down :)))

  9. says

    This is amazing. I’m a diaper cake making fanatic. So when I know someone is pregnant or has a friend who is expecting I start gathering supplies and making my diaper cake asap. Love doing them. By the time I’m done they have a whole bathroom setup, minus the baby tub, with plenty of other extras attached.
    BUT NOW?????
    HA! I’m definitely making this the next time, along with the blanket lollipops. (ok I’ll probably still make a diaper cake LOL as well just because they are fun to do)

  10. says

    so cute!! I will make it but with some changes! I am having a slumber party for my daughter and I am going to make this as a place card!

  11. says

    hi i really like these cupcakes and planning to make them for my sisters baby shower but the difficult task for me is to find these fringed burp cloth…can u pls help me where can i find these fringed burp cloth???i will really be greatful as her baby shower is on the 14th august and need to start doing the preparations…thanks

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    Newest follower here. Great blog. Found you at Mad In Crafts. Check out my blog also when you get minute. There are pages to put buttons to your shops and blogs. You can also post some of your handmade items that go with my weekly theme. Monday’s theme will be Winter Wonderland.

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