Paper Baby Shoe Template with Download


I finally have the Baby paper shoes ready to go.

First things first.. credit where credit is due. When I decided I wanted to make these baby shoes I started drafting up a pattern and then I decided I should see if Google might be able to help me out a bit. I found a template over on Love Bugs Scrapbooking. I tried it out but I needed a few things changed so I created my own based on that one.

I have a PDF available to download with the Assembly instructions. I also have an SVG file for those with a digital cutting machine that can use SVG files.

Download the SVG file HERE.


Enjoy and make an army of baby shoes!



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    Thanks! I’m cutting it with my cricut…it didn’t cut out right the first time, but I was able to move it in scal and make it work…I’ll let you know if I have any problems putting it together.

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    this is so cute! I’d just love it if you’d drop by my blog linking party (thru Tues) and link to this and anything else you’d like to share! Hope to see you there! ( I featured a felt baby shoe last week, so this would be a great addition!)

  3. Anonymous says

    How do you do this on a cricut machine? I have one but didnt no you could do this. Could someone help me on how to do this?

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    Anonymous – There is a software called Sure Cuts a Lot that you can buy and download which lets you take fonts and files from your computer and cut them on the cricut. The software costs about as much as a cartridge, but if you want, it can be the last thing your need to buy for your cricut.
    Here is a link to the software…
    You can email me if you would like

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    Oh, this is too cute! I have several showers coming up and these would be darling accents!
    We have a friday fun finds party that’s still going- we’d love it if you’d link up!

  6. Anonymous says

    Just thought I would let you know, I tested your shoe template so that I could use it later on this coming summer 2011 and it cut great! I had seen this little shoe around but never the svg file and I DID NOT want to cut all these little shoes by hand I did that once lol and I decided there had to be a better way. Well I have a cricut and scal and now the file from you! I am set! Thank you so much for your giving nature, you are much appreciated.
    Jackson’s LaLa for 7 years.

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    Too cute. This baby shoe looks adorable in this paper. I’ve made it before in bronze for a challenge & love it. I’ll have to look into the Sure Cuts software. TFS!

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    Thank you for the template. removed it from their project templates and I have been searching to locate it. Now I found you. Thanks thanks thanks!

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    Thank you so much! I just found your website. I have made several of these shoes, and they take forever to cut out by hand! Now I won’t have to! Hugs

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    Thanks so much for sharing this pattern! I used to do a lot of paper crafting & I have actually seen & used this awhile back but this will be the 1st time I create booties using fondant! It “should” work I think!
    I hear the mom I’m making a baby shower cake for is a bit of a Goth SO ~ I’ll be creating the booties out of homemade black Marshmallow fondant & adding a tiny little CUTE skull, nothing too ghory or anything. No matter what a person’s style I think baby booties will make the look completely adorable & all I can picture is black mary Jane shoes so that’s not JUST for goth right!
    Wish me luck ~ This will be my 1st attempt at making anything out of a pattern into fondant. THe cake is two layers, the bottom white rectangle with black zebra fondant stripes, & The top is hot pink icing with crazy black & white corcles & dots overlapping etc, then these booties out of black fondant, on the top! more details etc will complete the look… I can’t WAIT to start this cake!
    I hope to post a tutorial which I’ll be filming & taking still shots of as I create the black dyed fondant, as well as the cake so if you want to see your pattern made into the fondant booties you’ll be able to see it on my Facebook page which you can find by searching Custom Cake Pop Arrangements (yes you type the spaces etc as you see it) I’ll add photos in about a week from today’s date…. wish me luck! & Thanks again!

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    Because Cricut had legal issues with the makers of SCAL. we can no longer use it with Cricut ( unless you already own the prior software). SCAL had to make a new version (#3) that all of the other companies with electronic machines are allowing us to use but Cricut is not! So sorry to all new cricut owners and those like me that never got around to getting the older version of SCAL when available but we can’t use SVG’s unless we buy a new different machine ( silloutte, sizzix eclipse, etc). If someone figures out how to bypass this??? Please let me know…cause I am not happy with my bug about this.

  12. Anonymous says

    Im so sadd. I just found this template and love it! Bummer that the SCAL software can no longer work with Cricut magines. I wish I would have known about this sooner. :(

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    Is there anyway I can still download the bootie pattern for free? I would like the instructions for the pink shirt as well. I do have a cricut. Can I still use the machine to cut out the booties.

    Thanks so much

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