Matchbox Advent Calendars


This was a project I made last year in my pre-craft blog days. I just got them out of the closet for this year, and wanted to share. You still have some time to whip this little guys out. The tutorial came from Inspiring Creations

The concept is pretty simple, they are matchboxes covered in paper and glued together.
I had a craft night to make these last year and here was everyone’s trees following the tutorial exactly.

I made a few more and changed it up a little bit.
Here is the finished product.
1. I wrapped two rows of matchboxes at a time. I like how you can see the pattern on the paper better, not to mention it was faster and I used about 1/2 the amount of paper.

2. Instead of painting wood knobs I used some mini ornaments from Hobby Lobby. Snip, snip, and suddenly those balls are knobs for the drawers. Getting creative with those knobs will save you a lot of painting time.

3. Waste not, want not. I took the leftover wire from the balls and wrapped it around a pencil. Then I glued one end of spiral to my star and the other to the base. I really like how the wire on the star makes it look more like a traditional tree topper.

I am contributing to two different Thanksgiving feasts this year, one Thursday and one on Saturday. So if I don’t make it back this week then I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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    What a unique idea!! Thank you for sharing this. I love to do project with my 8yr old…fun to do and makes wonderful memories. I think this will be a good one to do. I just won’t let him help with the goodies inside..those will be a surprise.

    I’m so happy I found Skip to my Lou’s blog yesterday and yes yes I know it was for the Monday hop but well my 8 year old wouldn’t let me have the computer last night.


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