Easy Tied Baby Quilt Tutorial **Revised

**Step 9 has been updated and expanded**

This week is Baby week over on Oopsey Daisey. I will be guest posting there on Wednesday! There are tons of baby tutorials and giveaways, so go check it out.

When I was younger my Mother made pajamas and baby blankets and sold them. I have never seen anyone else make a quilt this way, so I thought it would be fun to share. This is a FABULOUS baby gift and great for your own kids. The whole quilt can be done in a few hours, less if you are a speedy seamstress.

Here we go!

What you need:

  • 1 yard quilt top fabric
  • 1 yard quilt backing
  • 6 or 8 oz batting on the roll
  • 6 yards of eyelet (That will be enough for a quilt and a small pillow)
  • Coordinating color of embroidery thread for tying the quilt

Step 1: Starting on a selvage side, sew the eyelet to the right side of the quilt top.

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5: After miserably failing at describing a french seam and how to do one, I will refer to this diagram. In essence you are hiding the ends of the eyelet inside of another seam.

Here is the finished french seam. Looks so pretty!

Step 6: Time to assemble the quilt!

Step 7: (Quilt top sandwich)

Step 8:

Step 9: Sew around the quilt, make sure you leave your opening to turn the quilt. Be very careful not to get the eyelet caught in your stitching. Every few inches check to make sure the eyelet is free. **Edit: As you are sewing you can feel through the fabric for the binding of the eyelet. You want to be sewing just inside that eyelet seam. This will ensure your first seam is enclosed in the blanket. **First time tip: If you use a solid color backing, you can see through the quilt a little bit to make sewing easier.

Step 10: Turn the quilt. So cute and almost done!

Step 11: Time to tie the quilt. You want to tie either 9 or 12 knots. I did 9. I measured and divided up the quilt to find where I needed to tie. Depending on the fabric you might be able to use the design of your fabric to decide where to tie. Thread a needle with all the strands of embroidery floss.

Step 12:

Step 13:

Step 14: Time to close the quilt. You can hand stitch it closed or use something like stitch witchery. The whole blanket is meant to be quick and easy so stitch witchery it is! Follow the directions on the package.

Step 15: Press the quilt and you are done!!

The hardest part is really the french seam and if you are familiar with those, then it is a piece of cake.

Note: If you do happen to get the eyelet caught, you can fix it. Turn it back inside out, unpick that section with a seam ripper and sew it again. Not the most fun, but totally doable.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you feel I was unclear on anything. I'd be happy to help you out if you need it.

Christy's Craft Challenge: May

**UPDATE** Thanks to everyone who voted for me! My Robot and I won!

Every month Christy, of ChristyNelson.net has a craft challenge. For $5 you get a packet containing some craft supplies and you have to come up with 1 project which uses some of every one of the supplies. I thought this was going to be a piece of cake, but I really had to stretch on this one. It was my first month to try it out, and I just might do it again!

Sorry I don't have a picture of the raw materials, if Christy posts on, I'll nab it.
What I had to work with:
  • 1 small grapevine wreath
  • 4 small circular mirrors
  • styrofoam beads in Pink, Green, and Yellow
  • Brown leather laces
  • Floral wire
Here is what I came up with....

It's a robot! I am redoing Joshua's room in Robots(eventually) and so I decided what a better way to get started than by turning these things into a wall hanging for his room.

Some of the supplies are easy to spot, but a few have been transformed, so I am posting a map of sorts so you can see where everything went to. Click on the picture to see it full size

Here are a few notes on what I did:
  • I really wanted mine to stand out from other contestants so the first thing I did was put the grapevine wreath in water to get it pliable again. Bye, bye, wreath!
  • I mod-podged that awesome gear paper onto a wood plaque I found at the Dollar Store. It already had a wall hanger on the back, so that saved me a step.
  • He doesn't have a name yet, if you have any suggestions, leave me a comment. Otherwise Joshua will want to name it Batman, Ben 10, or Mario.

Thanks all!

Christy's Craft Challenge Voting!

The voting is up for Christy's craft challenge. There are 5 cute projects over there.

Please head on over and vote for your favorite!

Tour de Thrift Attendees and another Sponsor

So I've put a list together of some of the ladies attending the Tour de Thrift. Up there on the top menu is a link to the attendees list or you can get there from this link: Attendees List

We also have another group of ladies who are interested but just haven't signed up yet. So... hurry and sign up! I want to add everyone to the list!

If you are attending the Arizona Bloggers Tour de Thrift, here is your very own button.

I also want to add our newest sponsor to our list! Goodwill of Central Arizona. That's right, Goodwill is happy we are coming for a visit and they have offered to add to our swag bags!

Things are getting exciting! I can't wait!

Teacher Gift - Apple Tree Magnet Board

Remember the Family Tree Magnet Board? Well I got the idea to make a gift for Joshua's teachers using all the kids faces on apples. Especially appropriate given the name of his preschool.

Here is a close up of those cute little preschoolers on their apples.

Joshua with his teachers at Preschool graduation

Here is how I made mine and you can do it too.
  1. Scan a class picture of all the kids and select a 1/2" circle of each childs face. Save each face as a picture and print them out.
  2. Print out and cut out the tree top and tree trunk. (Template at the bottom)
  3. Mod Podge the background paper, tree top, and tree trunk onto your metal board. Mine was 12"x12".
  4. Next glue some paper for your apples and leaves on to some old cereal boxes to give them some weight. Cut out as many apples and leaves as you need.
  5. Glue your faces on the apples and then add the leaves.
  6. Attach a magnet to the back of each apple.
  7. I used command strips on the back of the sheet of metal to attach it to the wall. You are done!

Downloads: Here are the files you need to download to make your own! SVGs are at the bottom so anyone with a Cricut and Sure Cuts a Lot software can cut this on your Cricut. Time saver!! You can click here to download the software at the Craft Edge website

Apple Leaf(Right click and select save as):

Apple Body:

Download the SVG Files:

Apple Tree top: AppleTreeTop.svg
Apple Tree Trunk: AppleTrunk.svg
Apple with Leaf: ApplewithLeaf.svg

His teachers are pretty used to me making handmade gifts by now, but I think they REALLY loved this one. Most of the kids will be returning next year for the pre-k class, so that will be fun for them to see it next year too!

I'm linking this up at:
SYS Teachers

Patriotic Tea Towel Cake

You may remember I that I posted the tea towel cake that my sister made for my Mom for Mother's day. Well this time, I made one! My Mother in law has been out of town since before Mother's Day and today we finally get to see her. With stores getting out their 4th of July decor, I thought it would be fun to do it up patriotic style.

For the second layer of the cake I actually used a plastic water pitcher.You can see the clear plastic peaking out the top of the plaid towel a little bit. My MIL uses these a lot for family dinners, and she could always use another one.

I used some cute denim trim to wrap around the front and embellished with a cute little rosette. I hope she likes it. I'm also giving her this Blue China mod podged box, so between the two we should be good.

In case you forget, the original idea and tutorial for the tea towel cake came from the always inspiring, Aly & Ash.

Don't forget to sign up for the Tour de Thrift, less than a month left. Come hang out with us and shop for some awesome deals! Registration is at the top of the page.

Camera Phone Chronicles #2

It's time for Round 2 of Camera Phone Chronicles. First I have a question for everyone though.

A lot of times I buy supplies to make more than one of my crafts. I got the idea that it might be fun to do a a giveaway where I put a big box of supplies together to make some of my projects. I have a poll on the side to get a feel if anyone would be interested in something like that. Some of the projects would be the girly piggy bank(in Silver), Mesh Jewelry Box, Interchangeable Dry Erase Board, probably some others. So pretty please, click on over to the side bar and cast a vote.

First up are these awesome boxes. I made my Jewelry Box out of one, but they had so many awesome choices. I love the one on the right, it had a design put into the top. It would look really cute with some stain.

Look at these cute little trinket baskets. I don't know what exactly I'd do with them, but I love that they look like crowns.

Look at these cute little tote bags. They had a few different colors and it was 2/$1. They would make cute little goody bags for parties.

Bandanas 2/$1. So many different combinations. I bought some of those green and blue flowers at the bottom.

This aren't just your average googley eyes. They have eye brows and eyelashes. This would be great for some fun summer projects with the kids.

Candlesticks are in! These are some of the tallest I have seen at the Dollar Store and look very versatile. Paint em up and glue them to a plate for a cake stand.

I love these beaded frames! I bought one and am currently working on a project. I can't wait to get it done.

Tour de Thrift Update

It's time for an update on the Arizona Bloggers Tour de Thrift. There are some exciting updates.

  1. We've got our first big name blogger coming! Steph of Somewhat Simple will be joining us! Yippee!
  2. It should be clarified that it is called the Arizona Bloggers Tour de Thrift, but you don't need a blog to come. If you like thrift shopping, or are interested in getting your feet wet, you should join us. I have no doubt the inspiration will be flowing that day.
  3. We will be going to Goodwill on 50% off day! That means good prices just got ridiculously good.
  4. We have added some new sponsors like Gorilla Glue, Crafty Chica, and DoChara Photography. We are working hard to add a few more names to that list. Check the registration page for a full list of our sponsors.
  5. The swag bags at this point have an estimated $60 worth of products. I'm keeping on the conservative end too! That isn't even counting what DoChara Photography has going in the bag.
If you live in Arizona, or you will be in Arizona on June 19, come and join us. If you know someone in Arizona, pass on the info.
Registration is HERE. There is always a link to register on the top of my blog. Register now to hold your place!

Mod Podged Jewelry Box and earring holder

I bet you will never guess where I picked up this cute little unfinished wood box! That's right, Dollar Tree! I loved the screening on the top. Right away I had a plan... a Jewelry Box and I could use that mesh for an earring holder.

What you need:
  • Wooden jewelry box
  • Coordinating papers. Mine was two sided.
  • Paint in a coordinating color
  • Mod Podge
  • Screwdriver to remove and reattach the hardware

All of the boxes with the screening on top had a messed up lock. No worries, we will just take it off. I may try to find a replacement closure at some point, but for now the box stays closed on its own, so I may just leave it.

Step 1: Remove the hardware from the box. This includes 2 hinges, and the front lock.

Step 2. Paint anywhere you will not be using Mod Podge. I painted the inside of the lid, and the insides of the bottom.

Step 3. Measure and cut your paper to fit the sides and inside bottom. Take care to make sure your lid piece matches up with the corresponding side on the bottom. You'll see what I mean in the finished picture. (Scroll down if you need.)

Step 4: Mod Podge your papers on to the sides. Trim any bits that stick over with an Exacto knife.

Step 5: I used my laser to cut the top piece, but you could use a Cricut machine with Sure Cuts a Lot to do it digitally. You could also just put the paper down and trace so you know where to cut.

Step 6: After you get all the paper on, coat everything with a last coat of Mod Podge to seal it up nice.

Step 7. Let your jewelry box dry a nice long time.

Step 8. Reattach your hinges on the box. In my case, I asked the hubs to do it. He has a lot more patience for things like that. You want the lid to sit nice and flat so you might have to do some tweaking here and there.

Step 9: Put some earrings in your jewelry box and your done! I Love, love, LOVE it!

Oh and do you like the earrings? I'll be having a tutorial for those coming up later this week. You just might be surprised by what they are and how easy they are to make!

Reader Shout outs!

In the past two days two different readers have made some of my projects and posted about them. They are so fantastic.

Up first, we have Julie from It's Sew Stinkin Cute. She made the entire set up Baby Shower Gifts. The lollipops, the cupcakes, AND the candies. Wow! Check out how she embroidered the blankets too. I love it!

Julie also does a crafty link party every Thursday. You should add her to your list. She's just the sweetest person ever!

Jackie the Junk Junkie
did her own spin on the Shadow Box girly bank. I think she must be queen of the DI(Deseret Industries) because she has TONS of makeovers on her blog. You really should check out all of her stuff.
Here is what she came up with..

I love she was able to create a little scene using pre-painted shapes from the craft store. Easy and inexpensive are my favorite two things!

Thanks so much ladies for posting your awesome projects.

If anyone else makes a project using one of my tutorials, I would love to see it!