Show your Support with a button!

I just wanted to thank everyone for the donations we have received so far. I have had so many great interactions with people in the last day hearing about their stories and how their friends and loved ones have been effected by cancer. I am so excited to be able to get these washers out to those that have donated so far.
I put together a button so that everyone can show their support for the cause. Please spread the word on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else you can think of.

We are about 25% of the way to the goal. My sister and I could really use some help getting the word out and getting all the way to the goal.

Thanks for all the support everyone! You are the best!

Breast Cancer Awareness Washer Necklaces

I am so pleased to be able to finally write this post. This little project has been in the works for quite some time.
Let me tell you a quick story before we get to the 'meat'. About a week ago I emailed Amy of Mod Podge Rocks and asked if she knew where I could get some Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, as I was having difficulties finding it. She graciously helped me and offered to send me some. She didn't even know that I was so badly needing it because I wanted to make these Breast Cancer Awareness necklaces. So Amy, thank you so much for helping when you didn't even know it was for such an important cause.

Okay, on to the meat of the matter. A while ago I mentioned that my sister was going to be participating in the Susan G Komen 3-Day for the cure in Arizona. She will be walking 60 miles over the course of 3 days. Not only is that a really long distance, it is a huge commitment she is making to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research. I am so proud of her for wanting to this, I have made my own personal commitment to help her raise the necessary money for her to participate. ($2,300 to be exact)

Being a crafter, I figured the best way I could help would be to give something back to those who donate. So here is the plan, for every $15 you donate to Cedar Bennett's account at the Susan G Komen website I will send you either a washer necklace or keychain which shows your support for the cause.

Here is what you do:
1. Donate through the Susan G Komen website to Cedar Bennett's page.
2. Forward me a copy of the PDF receipt that they send you. You are welcome to black out personal information you don't want me to see.
If you choose to make your name and donation amount public, you can email me that you have donated and I can check her account that way.
3. We will work out if you want a necklace or a keychain and any sort of personalizations you might like.

About the Washer accessories:
  • Each washer is two sided. One side has a pretty design and the second side has the Breast Cancer ribbon and some wording. How you choose to wear it is up to you. Either way you have a cute accessory. :)
  • Each washer(necklace or keychain) has a pretty clear bead with a pink ribbon running through it that dangles in the center of the washer
  • You get to pick between a 30" necklace or a keychain

Necklace Side 1:
Necklace Side 2:

Keychain Side 1:

Keychain Side 2:

Here are the wording options for the awareness side:
  • Once you choose hope, anything's possible(pictured)
  • Find a Cure (pictured)
  • I survived!
  • In memory of . . .
  • Celebrate Life
My Mother-in-law survived breast cancer and her Re-Birthday(the day she got a bone marrow transplant) is a very important day for her. I would probably put that date on a washer for her.

What do you get out of donating?
  • Warm Fuzzy feelings
  • A tax deduction - (You are donating directly to the charity so the tax deduction is all yours)
  • A pretty accessory
  • Getting closer to a cure for cancer. Who doesn't want that?
I really just want to say thank you for donating and perhaps motivate you as well to give. I am most definitely willing to work with you on wording and possible the pattern to get something you will wear to show your support.

I have linked up keywords to Cedar's account but here is the link again:
If you have problems with the link:
You can go to
Click on Donate to a Participant
Search for Cedar Bennett
Click on her name and then click on "Click to donate to Cedar in 2010".

It would mean more to me than you could possibly ever know if you could donate to this cause. You aren't just supporting me or my sister, you are supporting women everywhere. Sounds a little cheesy, but it is totally true.
Please let your family and loved ones know about this too. I am totally committed to going broke if I have to to give a little thanks to everyone who donates $15 or more to support my sister.

That's Cedar on the right. She participated last year but not in the 3-day. She even dyed a strip of her hair pink. She's a die hard.

Chalkboard Link Party

There is a Chalkboard link party going on over at the Stories of A 2 Z.
I am linking up my Chalkboard Name tags. Head on over and check out all the cool projects and link one up too!

Lil' Luna Giveaway winner

The winner of a Fabric Covered Button Ring from My Lil' Luna is #3.
Cheekymonkey who said: I love your rose stud earrings, and I think my favourite is the red pair. So classy!

Congratulations Cheekymonkey! You have 48 hours to contact Kristyn at to claim your prize.

Reader Shout outs!

I love blogging, I really, really do. What I love most about it is being able to inspire and be inspired by others. I get so excited when I see that someone else has been inspired to create based on my tutorials.

I have been deciding on the best way to showcase all these fun reader projects so for today I think we will just go with a post. I would love to be able to start a Flikr group and submit photos that way. Maybe if I get more people sending me their projects I will do that.

First up I want to share some Hand Sewn Fabric Flowers.
This first one is from The Girl Creative. She made an adorable birthday outfit for her daughter and added this sweet little flower. Click on the picture to see all about her party and outfit.

Next we have Molly who made a flower for her little cutie. I recommend stopping by her blog and reading the story of her sweet Baby June. They lost their little girl to Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a rare genetic disorder. Molly has a lot of good information about SMA and ways that we can help.

Last in the fabric flower department we have Ashley from The Story is Everything. She made herself a messenger bag and some fabric flowers to match. She just whipped up her own bag with some material she had. I really love the print. Awesome!

You can find my original tutorial for the Hand Sewn Fabric Flowers HERE

Check out these magnet boards that Stephanie from This Little Family O' Mine made. She made 17 of them for $24! I love the flower magnets. They just take it to the next level of cuteness.

Magnet Board Tutorial HERE

Yellow Mums made this pretty Ribbon Rosette for a Mother's Day broach. What a perfect accessory for her dress! I highly recommend you check out her Freebie Friday Printables. She has some great stuff. I also love her blog layout. So bright and cheery.

Ribbon Rosette Tutorial HERE

Finally, we have Courtney who made some baby lollipops, cupcakes, and candy rolls. She did a ton of cute stuff for a craft fair. I loved it all!

Tutorials are: Blanket Lollipop, Burp Cloth Cupcake, and Washcloth Candy

Have you made something inspired by one of my tutorials? I would LOVE to see it. You can email me pictures at:, Post them on the Facebook Page, or comment with a link to your blog post about it.

Paper Cake Treat Boxes from

I am so excited for today's project. A few weeks back I saw this adorable Paper Cake on So You Think You're Crafty.

Charlene from submitted it as her project for the finals. She was so generous and posted printable templates and a tutorial. I contacted Charlene about making a SVG version available so anyone with a Cricut cutting machine and Sure Cuts a Lot Software can cut out her templates easy peasy. Charlene thought it was a great idea. For those of you that haven't heard of it before. Sure Cuts a Lot(SCAL) allows you to connect your Cricut to your computer and cut Fonts and Images straight from your computer. You will never have to buy another cartridge if you don't want to!

Charlene already has a great tutorial for constructing and decorating the cake, so I am just focusing on how to use the SVG files and cut the slices out.

Here is what you need:
- A Cricut Cutting Machine
- Sure Cuts a Lot Software * or other software that connects your Cricut to your computer

1. First thing you want to do is download the SVG files. DOWNLOAD the Cake Slice Template
The file is a zip folder containing three SVG files. One file for each layer of cake.
2. Save and unzip the files.
3. Open up your Sure Cuts a Lot and select the option to Import SVG. It should look something like this:

Here are the sizes you want each size slice to be:
PaperCakeSliceSmall.SVG - 8.028" wide x 6.06" tall
PaperCakeSliceMedium.SVG - 8.565" wide x 7.067" tall
PaperCakeSliceLarge.SVG - 10.131" wide x 8.005" tall
These sizes will exactly duplicate the cake Charlene made. If you decide to experiment with the size make sure you lock the aspect ratio so the size stays proportional.

4. Cut 11 of each slice of cake. In the tutorial, Charlene has cut marks and score marks. I decided to perforate the score lines so they would be easy to fold. Here is a picture of what the middle layer looks like after it has been cut. I have tested several of these, and the perforations make folding this so easy!

Charlene also includes a step in her tutorial to punch holes in the close tabs for ribbon. I added those punch holes so you can skip that step too.

Now that your slices are cut, you can use Charlene's tutorial to construct the cake and decorate. Follow the link to get to the tutorial on

Charlene and I would love to see what you create with this! You can set up a Studio over at to show off your beautiful cakes.
I will be making one for a baby shower in two weeks and I will definitely be posting some pictures here.

Here is the fine print...
*Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Sure Cuts a Lot which means that I get a small percentage of sales from people who follow my link and purchase the software. I look at it as a little thanks for taking time to develop these SVG files and making them available to everyone for free. If you are planning to purchase the software, please go through me. :) I get really excited and it makes me want to create and share even more.

What the HTML - Blogger Editor Edition

So technically this isn't HTML, but it's a very useful Blogger tip. I have read several bloggers are having issues with the new Post Editor in Blogger. I was confused because I haven't had a new editor. Well I did some digging and you can CHOOSE which editor you want to use.

Here is how:
1. Select the Settings Tab on your blog. You can also click Settings from the Dashboard.
2. You should already be on the Basic tab, but if not, that is where you want to be.
3. Scroll down to Global settings and select Old editor.
4. Save your changes and you are in business.

Hope that helps anyone frustrated with the new editor!

Scentsy winner and 2 more giveaways to enter!

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that entered the Scentsy giveaway. We had 102 entries!
Now for our winner ...

Congrats Kenna! You are the lucky winner of a Scentsy Full size warmer and 3 fragrance bars.

Another giveaway started today, so make sure you enter to win the Fabric Button Ring.(Click the picture to go to the giveaway)

I am also hosting a giveaway over on 'Lil Luna for this Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake keychain. (Click the picture to go to the giveaway)

Thanks and good luck everyone!

Blog Swap with Lil' Luna

Today I am so excited to introduce Kristyn of Lil' Luna. You have probably already seen her crafts around. She has been featured all over the place recently and she is even a finalist on the DIY Club Inc. You can hurry over and vote for her Family Forever Board! It is number 7 down on the voting.
Okay, take it away Kristyn.

I’m so glad that I can be guest blogging on Cute as a Fox! Not only has Ashley been my inspiration for numerous crafts, but she also has been more than willing to help me with the setup of my blog.

Thanks, Ashley!

I knew exactly what I wanted to show all of you today for the swap. I’ve been seeing SILHOUETTES all over the place and knew I wanted to do something fun with them, and this is what I did.


-Profile pics of your kiddos

-Black Cardstock or Vinyl

-Scrapbook Paper

- 8x10 Frames (1 for each child, or if you have several children, use 5x7 frames)


-Mod Podge


-Hot Glue


1. Begin by taking profile pics of your kids. Print these off from your computer and cut out their profile.

2. Trace the profile onto black cardstock paper making sure that the profiles are the same direction for each kid. Cut those out. Set aside.

3. Paint your frames and piece of wood if they are not the color you already want them. I found my frames at Hobby Lobby for $2.50, and the wood was a scrap from the garage. Let dry and distress when dry.

4. Cut out 8x10 pieces from scrapbook paper, and print onto the bottom the name of your child or you could use Vinyl.

5. Also print onto the scrapbook paper going onto the wood the phrase: “Some of God’s Greatest Gifts…” (or you can use vinyl again). Mod podge scrapbook paper to the wood and let dry.

6. Glue your silhouette to the scrapbook paper.

7. Before inserting the scrapbook paper into the frame, be sure to add the ribbon to the backs of the frame and the wood with hot glue or staple gun.

8. Insert pics and hang. I hung mine on a Hanging Rod I got at Target.


A super cute display of your children and a reminder of the blessings they are in our lives.

I thought it would be fun to also do a giveaway with this swap.

Since I’m just getting my ETSY shop up and running, I thought I would give away one of my newest products:

A Fabric Covered Button Ring

Aren’t they so much fun!?

Here is how to enter:

1 – Become a follower of Cute as a Fox

2 – Like Cute as a Fox on Facebook

3 – Become a Follower of Lil’ Luna

4 – Like Lil’ Luna on Facebook

5 – Check out my ETSY shop and tell me what you like!

Giveaway Ends the night of Monday, July 26th.

Thanks again for the swap Ashley, and Good Luck to those who ENTER!!




Mesa, Arizona Goodwill Opening this Saturday.

One of the perks of working with Goodwill of Central Arizona for the Tour de Thrift is that they keep my up to date with all their events.
This Saturday, July 24, Goodwill be opening a new store out on Recker and Main in Arizona.

I plan to be there, not sure if it will be for the ribbon cutting or not, but I will be there. When you go, make sure you eat at El Metate. It is in the parking lot of the new Goodwill. It is delicious and affordable Mexican Food. My in-laws live in that general area and everytime we go out for a visit we get El Metate. Sometimes it is just take out to eat the next day, but we ALWAYS get El Metate. Hope to see you on Saturday! Drop me a note if you are coming and I will keep a look out.

Also, head on over to the Goodwill website and sign up for the e-mail list. They send you a coupon for 20% off your purchase. Woohoo! That is

Here is the press release with all the details.

Goodwill of Central Arizona prepares for grand opening in Mesa

(July 13, 2010) — Goodwill of Central Arizona is set to open its newest Goodwill store in Mesa on July 23. The new store and donation center is located at 6030 E. Main Street, near the intersection of Main Street and Recker Road. This new location will replace the nearby Goodwill store and donation center on Main Street, one block east of Recker Road.

“The new Mesa store will bring the Mesa community new jobs, a new, great place to shop and an easy way to donate their unwanted, gently-used household items” said Jackie Halleen, vice president of retail operations for Goodwill of Central Arizona. “Our newest location in Mesa is another way we’re supporting our commitment to turn donations into dollars that will help Arizonans in their quest for employment and economic sustainability.”

Goodwill of Central Arizona retail stores are the primary fundraising mechanism for the organization’s 36 human services programs. Goodwill stores also provide thousands of jobs for Arizonans and generate more than $60 million in revenue that directly supports the local economy.

The new, modern store features about 30,000 square feet of retail space as well as offers customers nearly 100,000 freshly-stocked items. Each Goodwill store also offers on-the-job training and skills development for participants while providing quality goods at remarkable prices. Treasures customers may find include new and gently used clothing, jewelry, furniture, electronics, house wares and toys.

Regular store and donation hours for the new Mesa location are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday; 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday.

With 63 years of serving central Arizona’s communities, Goodwill of Central Arizona is one of the oldest and largest nonprofit agencies in Arizona. Our Commitment is to Put People to Work throughout Arizona by providing job training and employment services to those with vocational disadvantages and disabilities that can include mental and emotional barriers, physical disabilities, welfare dependency, illiteracy and age. In 2009, we served more than 25,000 youth and adults on their quest toward self-sufficiency and secured more than 6,700 employment opportunities. For more information on Goodwill of Central Arizona, visit

Hope to see you there!


Wow-ee! Everyone seems to really like my Hand Sewn Fabric Flowers Tutorial. I just wanted to say thanks to everybody that has been showing me some love!

I actually got featured from her Flikr pool for my messenger bag! She has some of the best tutorials, go check them out!


Oopsey Daisy has compiled a huge list of different flower tutorials. I'm so excited to be a part of the list.


I also got Featured at It's Sew Stinkin Cute for my Skirt to Sundress Refashion.
Featured Button

One more to add! Sassy sites did a fun baby round-up and included my Burp Cloth/Baby Sock cupcakes.

Wednesday night is the deadline for the Scentsy giveaway! Don't miss out on this awesome giveaway! I will also have Kristyn from Lil' Luna swapping with me on Wednesday! I don't know what it is yet, but it is guaranteed to be adorable and super fun. That's just how Kristyn is. See you then!

Monogram Nursery Frame

I was so thrilled to go to a baby shower yesterday for a friend of mine who is having a little boy in September. I had a few cute little outfits picked out but I wanted to throw a little handmade something in there too. It just adds something really special I think.

Here is what you need for a nursery monogram.
  • A frame - Mine was 7x7" from Dollar Tree
  • Spray Paint - if you don't like the frame as-is
  • a monogram letter - mine was from Joann's and already painted white. Bonus!
  • Material for backing
  • Ribbon/embellishments
  • Glue gun/glue

Step 1. Disassemble your frame and spray paint if necessary. I went with white for this frame. (The picture is before painting)

Step 2. Prepare your backing material. At the Tour de Thrift I picked up this awesome quilted material. This was really the whole inspiration for the frame. I loved it and wanted a cute way to use it.
You could use some regular cotton fabric for this, I would put some batting or interfacing behind it to make it thicker. It would be very cute to sew some diagonal lines and give it a quilted look yourself. I will have to try it for the next one.

Step 3. Using your cardboard insert as a guide, cut out your material.
Step 4: Glue the material onto the cardboard. I put a line of glue every 1/2 to 1". A line of glue, then press it down, repeat. It is going to be supporting the weight of your letter so you want it really secure on there.
Step 5. Here is the fabric glued to the cardboard. Now you can embellish your monogram or attach it as is. I tied on two coordinating pieces of ribbon and then glued the letter on with hot glue. Here is where you can play and get creative as you want.

Step 6. Reassemble the frame, without the glass. You're done and it is oh so cute!

It was a really big hit at the shower. I didn't know the theme of the nursery, but if you did that would so fun to coordinate your monogram with that.

I would love to see if you give this a try!

Mod Podged Post it Holder

Jenn, The Creative Crafter asked how I made the Post-It Note Holder in my Back to School post. I made it PB(Pre-blog) so I don't have photos of the step by step, but I would be happy to give you a run down of how I did it.

What you need:
  • Coaster - Found mine at Dollar Tree. I saw the identical ones there today as well. They are a thick chipboard.
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Binder Clip
  • Mod Podge
  • Stuff to Embellish - ribbon, buttons, etc.
  • Magnet for back of coaster
Step 1. Cut your paper to fit the size of the coaster
Step 2. Apply a coat of Mod Podge to the paper and apply to the coaster.
Step 3. After the coaster has dried, apply a top coat of mod podge.
Step 4. Embellish how you like. I used ribbon and buttons because the post it pads were quite a bit smaller than the coaster.
Step 5. Cut paper to fit on the sides and top of your binder clip.
Step 6. Mod Podge the paper on to the binder clip.
Step 7. When everything has dried clip on a post it pad using the binder clip.
Step 8. Apply a magnet to the back of the coaster. You may need some of the thicker strong magnets to get it hold up on a refrigerator.

Thanks for asking, Jenn! Now, head on over and check out Jenn's blog. She is brand new to blogging and wouldn't it be great to give her some encouragement and comment love.
Check out this glass pendant she made. I love it!

CLOSED - Scentsy Giveaway!

The giveaway is now over. Thanks to everyone that entered!

**Edited to correct JZ-Scents Facebook link. :)

I've been wanting to do a giveaway for awhile now, but have been struggling with something that would be really awesome that just about everyone would love. Enter Janessa to save the day! Janessa is a certified Scentsy consultant. She contacted me about doing a giveaway for a Full size warmer and 3 bars(a $40 value!) You get to pick the warmer, and scents.

If you have never heard of Scentsy it is a safe, wickless alternative to scented candles. The warmers house a low-watt light bulb which slowly melts the Scentsy bar and releases the scent. Each bar has an average of 60-80 hours burn time. That is impressive! I currently have some of those reed diffusers, but I am loving that you have more control with the Scentsy system.
There is no flame, soot, smoke or lead to worry about, so the Scentsy system is a safe way to enjoy more than 80 Scentsy fragrances.

Lets stop and talk about fragrances here for a minute. There are so many to choose from. I will for sure be choosing from the Bakery Collection. Cutie Pie Cupcake, Toasted Carmel Sugar, and Vanilla Walnut are all making me hungry just typing the names. They also have a scent of the month, which you can buy for a 10% discount. This month's scent is Paradise Punch. Check out the tiki warmer they have to go with it. Makes me want to have a luau.

I think I have found my favorite warmer though. It is from the DIY collection(go figure!) You can get either a plain white or black warmer and then they sell rub-ons so you can customize it yourself. Love it! I am constantly changing my mind, so this would be perfect for me. If I get bored with one look, I just get a different theme and have a whole new look!
Check out this flourishes pack. I see a chandelier on there too!

Now that you are all excited, let me tell you how to enter. There are a total of 6 entries you can earn.

1 entry - Publicly follow Cute as a Fox
1 entry - Like Cute as a Fox on Facebook
1 entry - Like JZ Scents on Facebook
1 entry- Post about this giveaway on Facebook or your blog(include the address).
2 entries- Purchase something from JZ scents

To enter: Leave me ONE comment on this post stating how many entries you earned, which entries you completed, and a way to contact you.
Here is an example of an entry comment:

Ashley - 6 entries
I follow Cute as a Fox
I like Cute as a Fox on FB
I like JZ Scents on FB
I bought a room spray and warmer.
I posted about the giveaway on my blog:
My email is

I will be verifying the entry requirements so you might get a friend request from me if you post on Facebook, etc.
The giveaway will run from today, Wednesday, July 14 to Wednesday, July 21 at 9pm, Arizona time. (That's midnight Eastern.) I will announce a winner as soon as I have verified that the winner met the entry requirements.

I tried to make entering as clear and painless as possible, but if you have any questions, please ask! I'd be happy to help.

Make sure you get your entry in and go check out Janessa's Scentsy site and browse all the great products!

Good luck everybody!!