My Take Tuesday: Cakeberries

First I need to go a little Fan Girl over the Edible Crafts section of The editor Meaghan posts some of the most awesome food projects ever. I must have similar taste to her because I love all the projects she features. She is also the author of a cookie book, Cookie Sensations, which I think is so awesome. Meaghan featured these Chocolate dipped “cakeberries” from Dollhouse Bake Shoppe and I knew I must make them.
Essentially they are cake-pops formed into strawberries and dipped to look like a strawberry. I have never made a cake-pop before, so why not start out with a bang. Go big or go home, that’s my motto!
I deviated from the original a little bit:
  • I used Strawberry cake and icing. The red velvet looks more like a strawberry but I liked the idea of keeping strawberry flavor.
  • I used airheads for the strawberry tops. I only had two green airheads for 25 cake pops, so some of them were lacking in that department. I need to bite the bullet and get some fondant skills!
  • I couldn’t find my food coloring so I tried to tint the toothpicks with gel writing frosting. Kind of a fail, it was sorta tinted green but the gel stuff never really hardens.
  • One box of cake mix made 25 strawberries. Some of my strawberries were really big, so I could say 30-32 is probably an appropriate number to count on.
Here are mine looking all delicious on the tray.

I found these cute treat boxes at the Dollar store back in January so I put his teacher’s treats in them. I love the little window. My only regret is only buying two. The rest of my boxes didn’t have a fun little window. I took the cardstock my son stamped and made them a backing for his teacher valentines. All his hard work didn’t have to go to waste!

I took them to 6 different people. I snagged one from my Mom when I delivered hers. They were pretty tasty. I think I am hooked on cake-pops now!



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    Oh and Ashley, if you make them again keep the airhead topping! That was the perfect bit of sour to the sweet. I loved it! I personally hate the taste of fondant unless it’s flavored just right so I think it would have made them too rich. The airhead was perfect! (I was wondering what it was, I thought fruit roll up at first but it seemed thicker!) Loved it!

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    Oh my, that’s fantastic! I also joined Lil LUna’s link party (right next to you). I had no idea those weren’t real strawberries until I looked at your post! Very creative!
    Scissors & SPatulas

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    Fantastic work! I was just notified about this post and so happy you decided to try my cakeberries, they came out great! Check out more of our edible craft tutorials at:

    PS Don’t forget to enter your photo for a chance to WIN special discounts & prizes, and be featured as a Dollhouse Bake Shoppe: DOLL STAR™ OF THE MONTH!
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    Those are SO cute! Those would be awesome to bring to a party, you would get so many ooohs and ahhhs! Thanks for joining Idea Sharin’ Wednesday!


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