Sequin Shamrock Barrette

Three posts in one day! I am on some kind of roll. I have seen lots of fun sequin projects out there so I wanted to put my own fun spin on it.
Update: I added one of these for sale in my Etsy shop. If you are interested in buying one, you can go to my shop HERE
Here is a Sequined Shamrock hair barrette, or clip, or whatever you choose to use it for.
I almost didn’t do a tutorial, because this one is pretty simple to do.
You need:
  • Felt
  • Sequins
  • Hot Glue gun
  • Hair barrette or pin back
Step 1. Draw your shamrock on the felt. I did a google image search to get some ideas and then just freehanded it on the felt. You can see I didn’t get it perfect the first time, so I just kept sketching until I liked it.

Step 2. Cut out your shamrock and line the outside of your shape with sequins. Glue about an inch or so at a time. Be careful not to push the sequins down too hard or the hot glue will seep through. It burns AND it’s messy.
Here is what it looked like after I went around the outside. Sequins like this are really good at making curves and changing directions. This was really a breeze.
For the size of this particular shamrock I cut the sequins and then started again to fill in the middle. The first one I made was slightly larger so I just kept it in one continuous string.
I lined an alligator clip and glued it right on.
A little sibling love. It’s so sweet for the five seconds it lasts! :)
I am linking this project up at:
It’s my first time submitting a project so I am excited!


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