You Made it! Batman Paper Cake

Reader Dusti contacted me and told me she made a Batman Paper Cake using the Cake Slice SVG file I offered. Well, first she let me know that the download wasn't working. I got that all fixed now though. Thanks for the heads up!

I LOVE IT!! My son is pretty Batman obsessed, so I know he would just adore something like that. You can head on over to Scrappin with Cricut to see where she got all of the images from.
If you don't have the Batman Cartridge, I found this 3D Batman print out from Cubeecraft. I think Dusti's Batman is cuter, but you work with what you have!

Great job and thanks for sharing Dusti!

Roundabouts Cupcake Sleeves Giveaway and Sale

Yesterday I mentioned that I would be having a giveaway for these awesome Roundabouts Cupcake Sleeves. I showed you the gumball machine and popcorn tub yesterday, here are a few more of my favorites...

You can even personalize some of the designs. These seem like an easy way to dress up your cupcakes quickly. Roundabouts has generously offered "Winner's Choice" of one package of Roundabouts® - in any of their 70+ Designs.

Here is how you can enter:
  1. Go to and leave me a comment with at least one design that you would consider picking.
  2. Write a comment on the Roundabouts Facebook Wall
  3. Follow @RoundaboutWraps on Twitter - tell me your Twitter handle in the comment
There are up to 3 entries, please leave a separate comment for each entry. The giveaway will run until Monday, January 31, 2011 at 11:59pm. I will announce the winner on Tuesday morning. The winner must claim their prize within 48 hours or I will draw a new name.

Only one person will receive a free set of sleeves, but everyone gets to be a winner. Roundabout Sleeves has also offered a special discount to Cute as a Fox Readers. Enter the code CUTEFOX when you check out and receive 15% off your order. How cool is that?

Good luck everyone!

Carnival Party: Great Ideas

While planning the carnival party and blogging about it, I have come across lots of really great ideas. Some I used and some I wasn't able to incorporate. I wanted to put together some inspiration in case you were thinking of throwing a Carnival or Circus party too.

Here is an awesome file for a Ferris Wheel. It comes in lots of different formats, SVG, GSD, etc. I really wanted to work it into the party, but couldn't really come up with a good way. Maybe a wall decoration, or perhaps you could come up with a game. The same website has a great Circus Tent too!

I have linked to Lil Luna's Carnival Party before, but I really loved her party hats. I even bought the Charlie Bug Party Hat pattern from Blue Cricket Design to try making the hats myself.

Check out all of Kristyn's Carnival party here

If you brave enough to make your own cake, Coolest Birthday Cakes has a big gallery of user created cakes. Here is a cute example of a carousel cake.

Birthday In a Box has some great ideas for invitations, food, and activities.

I have saved my favorite idea for last. A few days ago I saw this awesome cupcake sleeves called Roundabouts. Check these beauties out!

You start with a regular cupcake, wrap the sleeve around, and then decorate the top. I love that gumball machine SO much. I have some great news too, Roundabouts has agreed to giveaway a set of cupcake sleeves. Stay tuned for all the giveaway details tomorrow. I can't wait!

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Thomas Paper Piecing

When I was writing the post about the carnival invitations, it reminded me of the invitations I made for my son's Thomas The Train 3rd birthday party.
I spent a lot of time doing an intricate Thomas paper piecing.At least the most intricate thing I have ever done.

What I loved about it was that I was able to give it some dimension by using foam adhesive. Here is a shot at an angle so you can see the foam a little:

Now that we have all these awesome digital cutters on the market, you all can make them too. Don't worry, the PDF I have to download will let you print out all the pieces on white card stock and you can cut them out by hand too. I try not to leave anyone out, when I can help it.

Here was the inspiration piece I started with and then the digital version of the piecing, side by side.

Here is how you can make your own if you are using a personal cutting device which reads SVG files:

2. Download the Thomas Zip file HERE
The Zip file has the SVG, the PDF instructions, and the Thomas face image.
3. Use the PDF instructions for a reference as to what color each shape should be
4. Print out and cut out the Thomas Face graphic.
5. Use the PDF for assembly instructions.

Here is how you can make your own if you are doing it by hand:
1. Download the PDF Instructions, HERE
2. Print Page 2 on white card stock and cut out all your pieces.
3. Follow the Directions on Page 1 of the PDF.
I included some diagrams that should help you know what is attached with foam and the order in which they should go on.

The font I used on the invitation is called Flare Gothic. It isn't exactly the same as the Thomas font, but it is pretty darn close. You can download Flare Gothic for free at

Also, if anyone with a Silhouette machine is willing to work with me a little bit I would be happy to offer all of my designs for the Silhouette too. I just need someone willing to test it out.
I am always happy to answer any questions or give any help I can. You can leave a comment or email me at
If you give this a try, I would love to see it!

Finley and Oliver Winner!

According to, the winner is:

Our winner is pumbla (Erin) who said:
I love the Ruffled leggings! I am in the process of planning my own circus birthday and was referring through my folder of favorite blogs for inspiration. Voila - here your post was! I love the Finley and Oliver ruffle leggings and tanks!

I've been so caught up in the party planning, that I just realized I need to be outfit planning too! Thanks for sharing the post!

Erin, you have 48 hours to email me, to claim your prize!

Carnival Party: Invitations

This year I went really simple with the invitations. I decided I wanted to make a ticket. The super easy way, as in Costco printed them for me.

First I found an SVG file in the shape of a ticket from the Sure Cuts a Lot Forums. The post that contains the ticket SVG is here. I did a Google Image search for tickets so I could remember the general look of a ticket and I went from there.

The Admit One font is called "Circus", go figure. The one thing that bugs me about that font is that it is in all caps. Meaning if you type lower case letters, you get nothing. You have to have the caps lock on. The other font is my much beloved Coney Island.
I made it a 5x7 and printed them off at Costco. Then using my laser cutter I cut it down to look like the perforated ticket. You could do that with scissors too.

I mailed these out with my Christmas cards, so I was able to use the same envelope. Tricky, tricky! I always thought it was a detriment having two kids with birthday's so close to Christmas. I have benefited greatly though from Christmas clearance and piggy backing on the Christmas cards. I may have to change my tune!

For some cute ticket invitations go check out Lil Luna's. Her's were hand crafted and oh so adorable! She heavily inspired me for the invitations as well as the whole party.

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My Take: Photoshop Tutorial- Pictures to Text

This post is not about the carnival. Shocking, I know! I used all my computer time today playing in Photoshop, so I wanted to share what I did.
I have seen this really fun photoshop tutorial featured a few different places so I wanted to try it out. It comes from Can't Stop Making Things.
She took a picture and added text so it looks like the text is making the picture:

Here is my original picture and how it came out:

Her instructions were really easy to follow and I found it pretty easy to complete. The part that was hard was picking a good picture. I did with about 6 times before I found a picture that worked out well. My pasty white kids being the problem.

I also deviated a little from her tutorial. For the light gray, I changed the text color to dark gray instead of black. I was having the worst time getting something that looked like my kid when all the different layers were black.

Here was another one I tried:

I got 3/4 of the way through when I realized that the image quality of my starting image was terrible and I should not have used it.
Now to find one for Morgan!

Carnival Party: Activities

This post feels like it should have come first, but I wanted to get the Thank you Cards in the mail, before I talked about some of the activities.
This is what people saw when they drove up.

I talked about the banner a little in THIS preview post. I am going to be selling all my carnival party supplies, so if you are in the market, let me know. The bounce house was probably the most fun for the kids. I have to point out how crazy it looks though. We have a narrow driveway that opens up right before the garage, so it was a really tight fit! The house on the right in the foreground is my neighbor. I live in a tightly packed neighborhood.

Just because it cracked me up, I took a picture from the master balcony. My house is on the right, neighbor is on the left.

In addition to the bounce house, I asked my talented sisters-in-law to do some face painting. I just bought a cheap set of Body/Face Paint from Hobby Lobby for $2.99 + 40% off. Dollar Tree sells a pack of 5 art brushes for $1, so we went with that.
Tip: My sister in law says you can mix some dish soap with acrylic paint to make it use-able for face paint.

I also bought this photo booth picture from Hobby Lobby. Unfortunately it didn't get used as much as I wanted. It had to be in the back yard, when most of the action, except for Face Painting was in the front. I did get some fun pictures though.

I had bought some funny glasses and clown noses as props for photo taking. No one really used them for that, but they got used none the less.

The original plan was to have some carnival style games for the kids to earn tickets. Then they would take all their tickets and turn them in for a prize(party favor). I realized about 3 days before the party that I had way over-schedule the activities. Guests would have to be at my house ALL day long to do everything. We scrapped the games, but the kids still got to pick a prize on their way out.

Way, way back at the beginning of the post, I talked about Thank-You cards. I used pictures from the photo-booth in some photo cards I found at the Target Dollar Spot. I loved the card because of the red and white stripes. Plus they didn't have any pre-printed writing so I could use them for portrait or landscape pictures. Not everyone did the photo booth, so I am working on getting creative for those people.

My Dad took a picture of my niece in each of the positions and photoshopped them together. I wish we had thought to do that for more people. I think it is pretty cute!

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Carnival Party: Pinata Tutorial

Today I am going to show you how to make your own Big Top pinata without any newspaper/glue mess!

I came across this Pinata at Hobby Lobby and thought it would be perfect for the party. Only problem is that it was $12.99, and not very big. That doesn't even include the cost of the filling.
Inspiration photo:

All of a sudden I got the idea to use a paper mache hat box. Hobby Lobby has a large selection of paper mache boxes in all different shapes and sizes. The secret to making a box work is to have the lid of the box as the bottom of the pinata.

The one I chose was about 10" in diameter and about 8" tall with the lid on. It was $4.99 and then I of course used my trusty 40% off coupon.

Here's the complete supply list:
  • Paper Mache box
  • Crepe paper - 2 rolls for $1 at Dollar Tree
  • Poster Board - on hand or $.50 at Dollar Tree
  • Glue Gun and Glue
  • Sewing Machine and supplies
  • Rope to hang the pinata
  • candy/prizes for filling
I did not take step by step photos, but I will try to throw a diagram in whenever it seems necessary.
  1. Insert your rope for hanging: Using a ruler, find the center of the bottom of the box. Make a hole just wide enough to get your rope through. Tie several knots on the inside of the box and insert the long end through your hole.
  2. Fill your box with your candy and prizes. You won't be able to get back into the box, so now is the time!
  3. Using packing tape, tape the lid of the box on. I used four pieces of tape at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions. You want the lid to stay on, but you also want the kids to be able to break into it. So not too much tape!
  4. Put your first layer of crepe paper on. Cut strips an inch or two longer than the height of your box and using a line of glue attach them to the box. Alternate Red-White-Red-White. I did this just to make sure you wouldn't see brown peeking through the ruffled crepe paper. You could also paint the box one color and skip this step. (The diagram doesn't show it correctly, the paper covers the lid too!)
  5. Next, ruffle your crepe paper! This is very easy, it just takes some time. Cut strips 3-4 times the length you want your ruffle. I did strips about 30" long for my box that was 8" tall. There are lots of ways to make ruffles, but this is how I like to do it.

    • Set your sewing machine on the longest straight stitch possible
    • Sew a straight line down the center of your crepe paper
    • Take the bobbin thread(bottom thread) and start pulling gently to ruffle your paper.
    • Paper is more fragile than fabric, so be gentle as you go.
    • I used less than one roll of crepe paper in each of the different colors.
  6. Alternate your colors and glue the ruffles around the box. Try to do one strip of glue down the center of the ruffle. That way you can pull the ends of the paper up for a flufflier look if you like.
  7. Time to make the top of your tent. Cut a circle out of poster board that is about 2" larger than the diameter of your circle. I used 13" since the box was about 10.5". Cut a line from the outside of the circle to the center of your circle. This will allow you to make a cone shape for your tent.
  8. Play with your cone shape until you you like how it looks. Once you get it set, glue where your poster board overlaps. Make sure you leave room for your rope to come through at the top of your cone. You may have to do some trimming.
  9. Glue your cone onto your box. I went small sections at a time and put some glue on the box itself and then pressed down on the cone.
  10. Ruffle crepe paper for your tent roof. I used a contrasting color for the bottom most layer. Then went all the way up using my yellow crepe paper. The diagram shows how it looked from the top.
  11. Last one! Cut a circle out of poster board that is the same diameter as your box. Glue it to the bottom to cover up the bottom of your pinata. I used red for the bottom of mine.

I intended to add a door like the inspiration picture had, but I never got around to it. The kids didn't seem to mind. ;)

We don't have any trees that would have withstood the weight of the pinata so we had to get creative. I expected the weak point to be where the lid was taped on, however it ended up breaking where the bottom of the box was attached to the sides. Interesting!

We handed out Popcorn bags from Dollar Tree for the kids to collect their candy with. I have a toothache just looking at it!

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Carnival Party: Table of Contents

Based on comments, I don't think people are able to find the different carnival posts very easily. I decided to create a master list of all the posts, so you won't miss anything. I will update this list as I add more posts. I am thinking there will probably be another 2-3. I have already gotten some questions so I may answer those questions in their own post.

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