Winter Party: Cake


I mentioned it a lot on Facebook, but I think it barely got a mention here. Last weekend, I had a joint birthday party for my kids. My daughter’s birthday is December 5, and my sons birthday is January 7. They are close enough together and then when you throw Christmas in the middle of it, it just makes sense to have a joint party.
This year I was trying to keep it simple. I’m not sure how successful I was with that. I think all that really meant was that I didn’t make decorations and we had an extremely reduced guest list. I do have to say this, my parents offered their home for the party and it was a huge help. They did a lot of work before and at the party, and I am so grateful for their generosity.
I wasn’t going to have a theme for the party, until the after Christmas clearance sort of picked it for me. A winter themed party with lots of penguins and snowmen.

First I want to show you the cakes. The cakes were made by the amazing Vanessa of The Sew-er, The Caker, The Copycat Maker. I have been coveting her cakes for quite some time, so I was really excited to finally have her make two for me.  I told her I wanted two small cakes, mostly for blowing out the candles with. She totally delivered and then some. I loved them so much.

Here is a close-up of the snowman cake.

A super  close-up of the snow globe on top. I love the snowflake buttons glues on top of wire. It is so stinkin cute. 

The kids were totally fighting over the fondant lollipops. Oh and check out the details on the webbed feet. Everyone was seriously awed. I am amazed every time I see Vanessa’s work. She is an artist.

Check out the inside of the cakes too. Vanessa did a zebra stripe technique in both of them that was really cute. Vanessa really knows how to go for the wow factor!

Here is the whole dessert table. We will be talking about the penguin fishing jello and the cupcake ball fondue in the next post! 



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    Amazing cakes! The inside looks as delish as the outside. I found you at Show Off Your Stuff and am a new follower. I have a new meme called Thematic Thursday and this week’s theme is Winter/Snow. I’d love to see this post link up. Find Thematic Thursday here.

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    Those are just simply beautiful!!! I wanted to post a comment when I saw them on here the other day but I was on flipboard. I bet you have gotten so many awesome comments on those! What an awesome party theme! Love!

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