Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs


You may have already seen this idea over on Lil Luna but my family had so much fun doing it, I had to post. Plus it is really fun to take glow in the dark pictures. The concept is simple, glow sticks + plastic Easter eggs = Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs!

Dollar tree had glowsticks 15 for $1. We already had some plastic eggs from last year. Talk about a fun and inexpensive family activity. We had to tape some of the eggs shut, and others were just fine on their own. I think it depends on the kind of egg.

After we hid them outside once we brought them inside and the kids hid them all over the living room for themselves. My daughter shoved a whole bunch of eggs in the microwave on the toy kitchen. It looked to my like a “anti-microwave” ad. “This is what happens to your food when you use the microwave or something.” It was too funny.

When I was cracking the sticks to put in the eggs, I got a little over zealous and broke the glow stick. It shot all over my face, hair, the couch, the blinds, and even through the blinds to the window. Once we determined there would not be any permanent damage to anyone or anything it was pretty hilarious! My couch glowed in the dark all night long!

Well I am off to my Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Cupcake Party. I can’t wait to tell you about that. I have some strong opinions about all the different flavors.
Have a great weekend!



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    I adore this!! Thank you for the fun activity–I wanted to share our experience with you. I blogged about the fun we had and left linky love on my blog of fun kids activities. Thanks again!

    Gianne at

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    I would like to share your post from my website. I am preparing five last minute ideas for Easter for tomorrow. Would it be o.k. if I linked up here and used one of your pictures, giving you credit? I am new to blogging etiquette, so I don’t want to offend! Just loved this idea and wanted to share!!

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