Shaped Snack Bags


It is my daughter’s turn to take snacks to preschool again! I love trying to come up with something cute for the kids. I try to make sure it isn’t overly complicated for the teachers to deal with too. I will have to ask the teachers if I am very successful with that one. šŸ˜‰

Here is what I came up with: Goldfish in fish bowl shaped bags!

I have seen lots of projects about fusing plastic bags and I think it is such an interesting concept. I read up on the technique and gave it a little twist to make these shaped bags. They are just regular sandwich bags that I fused into the shape I wanted. I love them!

Here is how you can make your own goldfish bowl bags.


  • Plastic Sandwich bags
  • 2 sheets of parchment paper
  • Iron
  • Blue Sharpie
  • Fish bowl Template (below)

To download the template, right click on the image and select ‘View Image.’ When you see the larger image, right click on it and select ‘Save As.’


  • Cut out the fishbowl template on card stock
  • Preheat your iron to one of the lowest settings. I used a ‘2’ which says Nylon/Silk.
  • Lay down one sheet of parchment on your ironing board. Then place your sandwich bag and template on top. Put your second sheet of parchment paper on top of that. Here is what the order of layers should be from the bottom up:
    • Parchment
    • Sandwich bag
    • Template
    • Parchment
  • Lightly iron around the edge of your template. Always keep the iron moving The cardstock template is not enough heat protection to keep the bag underneath from melting, so do you best to iron only where there is exposed baggie. Essentially you are trying to melt the bag together, so you can trim it off and still have the bag stay sealed.
  • Trim off the melted corners of the bag to form your bowl shape
  • Draw waves with a sharpie on the outside of the bag if desired.
  • Fill with Goldfish crackers!

Tips: A few times after I trimmed the bags I saw that I trimmed too much or there wasn’t a complete seal. I just put those bags back in the parchment and used the template to block most of the bag. I few light touches with the iron and it was all fixed!

There could be a lot of fun possibilities for making shaped bags. These are a really nice simple way to start though. I can’t wait to try this technique out for something else!



  1. says

    Love the idea BUT you should know ZIPLOC does not recommend heating their bags – I found out when I suggested making “omelets in a baggie” and was innudated with emails NOT to!

  2. Anonymous says

    I’ve thought about doing this to make custom size clear plastic envelopes for patterns which did not come with an envelope. Thank you for trying it out – now I know it WILL work.

    Fish bowl baggie idea is adorable.

    Ziplock doesn’t want you COOKING food in their baggies, but can’t see the harm in simply melting the plastic to form another shape.


  3. Anonymous says

    This is kind of a dumb idea… Why don’t you just invest in cutely shaped reusable snack bags? Help save the planet, save yourself some energy/money and have a snack bag much cuter than those Sharpied Ziplocs…

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