Father’s Day Tie Appetizers


Father’s Day is coming up so soon! I’m going to be having a little get together with the family and I wanted to come up with some delicious appetizers to serve.

They were fun and relatively easy to put together. Once I had everything prepped, it went very quickly. This would fun to have your kids help out with.

I’ll give you a brief how-to on these fun and yummy ties.

1. First you need a neck tie template. I tried to free hand one at first and it was a hot mess. So I came up with these templates to cut the bread with. To use them, right click on the image and save it. They should print out at 4″ and 5″ tall.

2. Cut your bread into tie shapes. I used the 4″ template on those 100 calorie thin rolls. They are so delicious and dense which made cutting out the tie easy. I used a sourdough for the 5″ tie. I thought it would be denser when I bought it. I ended up toasting the bread so I didn’t smoosh it all to pieces when I tried to work with it.

3. Prep all your veggies, cheese, and meats. You can get really creative with this. I used tiny fondant shape cutters to do small circles for polka dots and stars. I also cut out some stripes. For my ingredients, I used:

  • Ham Slices
  • Turkey Slices
  • Pepperoni
  • Provolone and Cheddar Cheese
  • Carrots, cucumber, red peppers, green peppers

4. If you are going to cover the bread with meat or cheese, lay your bread on top and then use a paring knife to trace around the bread.

5. Assemble your open faced sandwiches. I started each sandwich with a layer of 1/3 reduced fat cream cheese. It makes for great “glue”, not to mention I love the taste of cream cheese. The sky is the limit with these.

You can made Dad really happy this father’s day and make up some appetizers with his favorite sandwich fixings. I thought a flavored cream cheese would be just absolutely delicious too! Mayo would work great as ‘glue’ for all your elements if you aren’t a big fan of cream cheese.

Happy Creating!




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