Hulk Face SVG File


Thanks for all the great feedback on my Avengers themed party. As promised, today I am sharing the SVG file that I used to create my hulk ‘punch’.

You can download the SVG file here: Avengers Hulk Face SVG
I am also going to include just the graphic in case you want to make a template or cut them out and use them another way. You can right click on the image and select ‘save as’ to save it for your own use.

Disclaimer: This was created by Cute as a Fox Creations( for home use and not for profit of any kind. Do not redistribute this image or use it to sell anything.

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  1. Anonymous says

    how did you apply the hulk to the bottles? did you use a regular printer and print them out then glue them or used a special printer that applies adhesive?

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