Witch Shoes Oreo Treat


Awhile back, my good friend Vanessa had a craft night and we made some adorable Witch Shoes with ‘socks’ made out of Oreos. You can check out Vanessa’s post about them over on The Sew-er, The Caker, The Copycat Maker. They were super adorable and I loved them. However, I am kind of a lazy crafter and I didn’t love tracing, cutting, then trying to figure out a way to mark the fold lines and all of that good stuff. So…. I created a digital cut file and I am sharing it with you today. Anyone with a machine that can cut SVG files can use this. 

I am also going to walk you through the steps of constructing the shoe, once you have it cut out. I used hot glue to assemble the shoes, it was fast and easy.

 1. Cut out the Witch Shoe Template on two sided scrapbook paper. You can use 1 sided, but 2 sided is better.
2. Fold the shoe on all of the perforated lines. That is what makes this template so easy to use, all the fold lines are already scored for you.
3. Overlap the back of the heel and glue together. Make sure the ‘insole’ of the shoe is bent up.
4. Glue the flaps for the inside of the heel together.

 5. Glue the thin flaps to the inside of the shoe.
6. Overlap the toe section of the shoe and glue down. Be careful not to overlap the toe pieces completely. The Oreos would be too wide to fit. Also, if you are not using two sided paper, I recommend folding up the toe section and gluing it to the top of the toe flaps.
7. Embellish as desired.
8. Put 8 Halloween or Mint Oreos in a plastic bag and secure with a twist tie or ribbon.

Here is a better look at how I embellished some of my shoes. The big black spiders game from the dollar section of Target. They are called table scatter. The glitter stickers were from Dollar Tree last year. I haven’t checked if they have them again this year.

You can get really creative. I tried for a mix of cute and fashionable.

Here is one more look at all the shoes I made without any treats inside. You could get really creative and put all sorts of treats inside of these. You can see the purple glitter shoe and the black/green shoe were one sided papers. I personally prefer the look of the two sided papers, but when treats are inside the shoes, you won’t see the white anyway. 
You can also get a better look at how I folded the toe up on some of the shoes. I like them both ways.

Now it’s your turn!
Download the SVG files here: Witches Shoes Template
Note: In the Zip file for the witches shoe, I did include a file for a shoe insert. You can use the insert if you are using single sided scrapbook paper. I didn’t use it at all, but I wanted to include that.

If you want to make these shoes, but you don’t have a cutting machine, Vanessa has the template that she used over on her blog. Head on over and download the original witch shoe template.




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    Thanks for posting, I shared on my Facebook page and just made a couple to experiment. My shoes came out tiny, and bite-size oreos or lifesavers would probably fit. LOL Did I do something wrong? Can you share the measurements of your shoes? Thanks in advance. On the other hand, I would make these for my class of 4 year olds, so bite size may be best. :)

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