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It is almost time for my kids big birthday bash. My daughter’s birthday is two weeks before Christmas, and my sons birthday is two weeks after. It is pretty difficult to throw them each a separate birthday party, so for the past few years I have thrown them a big combined birthday party. I love it because I can go all out for one big bash instead of having to scale back for two smaller parties. For the time being, the kids like it too.
Years past I have had a Carnival Party and  a Winter themed party.

This year I am putting together an Art/Color themed party. Today I thought I would share with you the invitations that I made for the party. Art parties are not a new idea, so I was really pleased to find a ready made template over at Makoodle for the invitations. I had to change a few things to accommodate a double birthday, but I love them!

You can find the template for the crayon box over on Makoodle at the link above. The font I used to add my kids name is called Pastel Crayon and it available for free download at
 I will tell you what I did differently on the inside. The original invitations had each crayon wrapped in a label that had some of the party details on it. I was concerned that once the invitations were opened, the crayons and therefore the party details, would get lost. I decided to hot glue the crayons together and just put a label over the whole thing.

I have a big fun activity planned for their party that I can’t wait to share with you. I will probably wait until after the party so I can have some pictures. I will have more posts up as I put elements of the party together, so stay tuned!




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    Hi Ashley, this crayon project is adorable! I must do something with crayons. You may like some of the kid fun over at Maddalee, I would love to see you there :) I’m a new follower, thank you for sharing at Lil Luna.


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