Bunco Christmas Ornament

You might be aware that I play Bunco. I have done a few posts about my Bunco nights in the past. Well this year I volunteered to host in December. The way that our group works, we invite our husbands or a date to come and play with us. That means we have 24 people instead of the regular 12. I have my hands very full with the food and other preparations.
I thought it would be fun to give each of the girls in the group a fun ornament to remember the year by.
They are simple glass ball ornaments that I picked up from Hobby Lobby. I printed out the design on transparency, cut it out, and inserted it into the ornament with some cute little dice beads. I am sharing my template if you have a bunco lover on your gift list this year. I will also give you the step-by-step instructions.

Bunco Ornaments

  1. Download the Template here: Bunco 2012 Ornament Template
  2. Print the template onto transparency paper and cut out the insert shape.
  3. Tightly roll the transparency into a tube and insert into the tube. It will unroll when it gets all the way inside.
  4. Insert 8 or more dice beads on each side of the transparency. I found the beads online at FireMountainGems.com
  5. Trim the excess transparency from the top of the ornament. Replace the ornament cap. I bought the ornament hanger from Hobby Lobby. I think they are so pretty.

Here is a little sneak peek of the table setting. I made the fun little utensil holders and I will be sharing the tutorial for those in the next day or two.

I'm sure any Bunco player you know would love a fun ornament like this on their tree.

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  1. Bucno was the most fun and over the top put together! Thank you for the ornament. I love it!!

  2. Can you explain how you made the Bunco template? I'd like to make a similar template and have no idea how !

  3. I love this idea! Could ou do a 2013 template?

  4. I love the added touch to the ornament hook!

  5. I love the template I would love to know how you made the template so I could change the date to 2013. We are having a bunco night on the 5 of Dec. I would love to give these to everybody. thanks