Christmas Themed Dinner


One last post from Bunco dinner. I thought I would share with you the food I served for dinner. I relied heavily on Pinterest for ideas and used recipes I have already tried and loved. I will have lots of links so hopefully you can recreate anything that you would want to.

For the main course I served my Baked Potato and Ham soup and Tidymom’s white chicken chili.

I also served some wraps in spinach tortillas, stacked up to look like a Christmas tree. The original idea came from the BHG website.

Next up, I made some grape trees. These were pretty simple but very time consuming. I bought three styrofoam cones from the Dollar Tree and wrapped them in green Saran Wrap. I cut a million toothpicks in half and just started sticking grapes in. I saw the grape trees first at What’s the Buzz.

On the same tray as the grapes, I served some fun Christmas themed apple slices. Using my Cuisanart Mandoline slicer set to 1/4″ I cut up several large apples. Then I used the Wilton mini holiday cookie cutters to cut the core’s out of the apple slices.  I served the grapes and the apples with a delicious fruit dip. I will be sharing the recipe for that soon! I first saw the apples done with Halloween shapes over at Jewels of a Child.

 Desserts were pretty simple. I did some strawberry Santa hats on top of blondies.Those could have been executed a lot better, but I was assembling right before guests arrived and oddly I had a hard time getting the cream cheese frosting to stick to the top of the strawberries. No one seemed to notice that they weren’t perfect and they got gobbled up right away. On a side note, how cute is that sleigh serving tray? I saw it at my best friend’s house and asked to borrow it for Bunco. She’s such a good friend she told me just to keep it.

Then for dessert/a take home treat, I made some snowmen donuts. These were a bit of a headache and I don’t think I would make them again, at least not in the same way. I used a black gel frosting for the eyes and mouth, and that stuff never hardens. I had a really hard time bagging them up without smearing. 

Drinks were just Crystal Light lemonade with some cranberries thrown in for show. I just bought this beverage dispenser from Walmart and I really like it. Each section holds one gallon and the bottom is angled so all the punch comes out without tipping. The bottom section holds ice to keep things cool. The only thing I don’t like about it, is that none of the pieces screw together or seal. Meaning the whole thing is very insecure. You definitely need to fill it where ever you are serving from. You can’t move it while filled.

In case you missed it, you can see how I put together the place settings in this post: Christmas Present Utensil Holder

It was a lot of fun putting together a themed dinner. It was a lot of work but everyone that attended seemed to really love everything. It made it all worth it. Next year I am hosting Bunco in October, so Halloween here we come!
UPDATE: Here is a better image to pin so you can see everything at once.




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