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Losing weight over these past several months, means that I have been having to invest quite a bit into my wardrobe. None of my ‘before’ clothes fit me anymore. This is a great thing, but it does mean my clothes budget has had to increase a bit. I just entered the #styleSURPRISE sweepstakes by Sears that will hopefully help me out in the wardrobe department. You can enter win $5,000 worth of Shop Your Way points from Sears for Christmas. That could buy you a whole new wardrobe at Sears. You can find all the details and enter the sweepstakes on the Shop Your Way website here:

Here is a fun little video about some of the great fashions you can find at Sears.

I am also going to share with you one of my style secrets. Well, I’m not sure how much of a secret it is, but it is really important to remember. Here goes: Wear clothes that fit the body you have now. Whether you are carrying a few more pounds than you would like or perhaps like me you have lost some weight. It is so important to wear clothes that fit properly. I can guarantee you will look and feel your best when you wear clothes that fit your body type. It is a simple concept, but sometimes I find myself falling into old habits.

Sears has some great clothes, and they even have put them into outfits for you. I really loved these two. Click on the photo and you will go to the Sears website where you can purchase all of the items pictured.

Visit Sears ( for more everyday fashion inspiration

This is a sponsored post. I am a Sears blogger, though all opinions are my own.




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