Art Party: Rainbow Food


Today I am showing you the food from the color party. This party was gender neutral so I was careful to avoid using the term rainbow. However, I did make an effort to make sure every color of the rainbow was present in all the food!

Dessert Table:

To give the dessert table some extra pizzazz I took some paint cans and had them spilling plastic tablecloths over the table. I served rainbow goldfish, some rainbow sugar straw from the Dollar Tree,  Rice Krispies treats that I drizzled rainbow color chocolate over the top, and colorful Jello popcorn(not pictured). All of the other food, I’ll show in more detail below.


I saw the most perfect colorful cake at Makoodle and I knew I wanted the same thing. I asked my friend and cake artist to recreate it and she did a marvelous job. My favorite part is the paint drips down the outside.  Everyone was awed and amazed when we cut into it. For portioning, we cut the pieces in half, so each guest got 3 of the colors. Even the thinnest slices, 6 layers was just too much cake!

Jello Push-pops

These push-pops were fairly straightforward. I made one color of jello at a time, and slowly layered them in the push-pops. These were another big hit with the kids especially!

Rainbow Fruit Kebabs

Even though it was December, I lucked out on the produce sales and was able to make these kebabs without spending a fortune. I used raspberries, clementines, pineapple, green grapes, blueberries, and blackberries to represent all the colors in the rainbow! Thankfully my mom was willing to skewer all of these for me, the morning of the party.

We held the party between breakfast and lunch, so we didn’t need to serve a whole meal. I think we ended up with the right amount of food and snacks. I did also make a cheese dip, which I will have to share the recipe soon! It was so good, I never even got to get a bite of it much less snap a picture.

Please head on over and check the main party activity, the Color Fight!

I’ll have one or two more posts about some of the other party activities we did, so stay tuned!




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    I love, love, love it!!! Evverything came out great, the decorations, the cake and esp the jello. I have been wanting to do the colour fight for the Indian holiday of colour but I never really new how to make the colour powder, I pinned yours, thanks.

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    That cake is gorgeous and I love love love those push pops. We’re having my son’s “meet the baby” party this weekend and I’m totally feeling inspired, now. Thanks for joining in at Teach Me Tuesday!

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