Sandwich lovers rejoice!


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I LOVE sandwiches. Really truly love them. While I have been on a eating healthier kick, I have really had to cut down on sandwiches because of the bread and because of the high amount of sodium you normally find in deli meats and cheeses. When I was offered the opportunity to sample Boar’s Head lower sodium deli meats and cheeses, I jumped at the chance!

Here’s my dream sandwich I created with Boar’s Head lower sodium products. It is a turkey breast, provolone, and lettuce sandwich on a cheese bagel. The bagel was a splurge, but oh so delicious!

I headed to my closest grocery store and was pleased to see they had at least 5 of the Boar’s Head lower sodium products. There are over 20 products in the line, so they really do have a wide variety. I purchased the 47% lower sodium oven roasted turkey breast and the 42% lower sodium provolone. I lucked out because my deli, offers sandwiches pre-made in the deli case. On of their pre-made sandwiches featured the lower sodium ham, so I threw that in the cart too.

They were all delicious! I should note that normally I buy pre-packaged lunch meat in the refridgerated case. The Boar’s Head products were amazing. The turkey breast tasted like a turkey I cooked at home and sliced up. The package turkey tasted like turkey, but not as fresh or genuine as this. I might be converted to only shopping from the deli-case from now on. Especially knowing that I can fulfill my sandwich craving, and cut down on my salt intake.

At the Boar’s Head website you can see all of the nutritional information for their products. I compared the lower sodium turkey breast, so the regular turkey breast slices I keep on hand and discovered that the Boar’s Head turkey had 120mg less sodium. You can’t beat that, especially when it tastes so much better. The ham and provolone were equally delicious.

My Mother-in-law has some heart health issues and she is supposed to be very careful with her salt intake. I can’t wait to tell her about this Boar’s head line of lower sodium deli meats and cheeses. Maybe she will be able to work these into her diet sometimes. I know she misses a good sandwich.

Are you a sandwich lover? What does your ultimate sandiwch look like?


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    I happened to eat a sandwich for lunch today. Roast Beef if my favortie with lots of Guacamole or Avacado. I actually used Guacamole & Cilantro Humus today. IT WAS DELICIOUS! Red onion, Provolone Cheese & Lettuce. This is good to know that they have low sodium. I’ll be honest, I eat a lot of salt… but my dad as well has heart health issues & has to eat minimal salt. I had never heard of Boar’s Head, so thanks for blogging about this & spreading the word.

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