Mickey Mouse themed dinner - #Disneyside

I few weeks ago I posted about my plan to have a #Disneyside game night. Last week, we were finally able to make it happen and I can't wait to tell you about some of the Mickey themed food options I came up with. We had Mickey stuffed peppers, Mickey fruit kabobs, and pizza with Mickey pepperonis.
We are really trying to choose healthier food options at our house, but I still wanted to have some fun Mickey  Mouse themed food. I did some brainstorming and came up with these Mickey Mouse stuffed peppers.

They were so cute, not to mention tasty! To make the stuffed peppers, I used my recipe for the Stuffed Pepper Pumpkins. I used a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter that you can find on Amazon to cut Mickey shapes out of a red pepper and then insert them into a yellow pepper. I secured the  shape with a toothpick while I was baking. It was easy peasy. After baking, I removed the toothpick to serve. Some of the Mickey heads fell out when I pulled out the toothpick, but I just pushed them back in and we were ready to go. I made a fun little graphic with step by step photo for easy pinning.

In addition to the peppers, I also made up some Mickey Fruit kabobs. Using the same cookie cutter, I cut Mickeys from Cantaloupe, Honey Dew, and Watermelon. I used some fresh pineapple in between the shapes for filler. These were a big hit with everyone and they were so easy to do.

I was serving some picky eaters, that I knew would not go for the stuffed peppers. I didn't want to make a whole separate meal for them though. I decided to go the quick and easy route with a take and bake pizza from the grocery store. I bought some mini pepperonis and transformed the store pizza into a fun Mickey Mouse pizza.

 Some of the pepperonis moved around a little during baking, but for the most part they all came out looking like Mickey Mouse.

In the hostess pack, I received some Hanes t-shirts and Crayola fabric markers. To keep with the Mickey Mouse theme, I put the outline of a Mickey head on the shirts with heat transfer vinyl. Then I gave the kids fabric markers and told them to decorate however they wanted.

The kids had a lot of fun, which was the most important. After dinner, we played Disney Monopoly Jr. That was one of the games I mentioned in my first post.
One last thing I have to show you. Laura from Pink Cake Plate, was so kind to let me borrow her Mickey Mouse lanterns. We hung them up in our archway, and they really helped set the mood for the party! To make them, she just used some glue dots to put black circles on the sides of black lanterns. Genius, right?

We had such a great time showing our #Disneyside. I hope I've give you some ideas to have your own party and show your Disney side.

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