Origami Heart Pencil Toppers


Valentine’s 2011
Way back in the middle of January I decided I wanted to make these candy airplanes for Valentine’s Day from the Giver’s log.
Photo from The Givers Log
Well life happened and I got all distracted with other things and suddenly Valentine’s Day was very soon and I hadn’t purchased any of the supplies. When I saw these heart origami suckers at Zakka Life, I was super excited to try these instead.
Photo from Zakka Life
The new plan was to have my son stamp paper with Valentine’s stamps and I would fold the hearts. Long story, longer, you can’t fold cardstock into origami(duh!)
I remembered back in HS I used to fold notebook paper into hearts to pass notes in the hallway. Do kids still do that, by the way? Or is it all texting and Facebook? Let’s not even talk about how old I feel having to ask a question like that.
I prayed for my muscle memory to be better than my real memory and got to folding.
The way these fold together, you can’t really fit a sucker in the back so we opted for pencil toppers. After I bought a bag of 80 dum-dums, of course. They don’t have the more rounded edge of the Zakka Life hearts, but I think you can tell it’s a heart okay.

I had my five year old stamp each heart after I was done folding it. I also put loose dum-dums in the bag for him to hand out too. I’m pretty sure the kids weren’t going to get enough sugar. šŸ˜‰
When he brought home his bag of loot another boy had given him a candy airplane. Phew, we dodged a bullet there. Duplicate valentine airplanes? That has preschool faux pas written all over it.
I found the instructions for folding the heart the same way as I do. E-how to the rescue!
Soon I will be posting a fun little treat I made for some of my friends. It’s yummy and definitely doesn’t have to be just for Valentine’s Day.
Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day!


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