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We have princesses on the brain here big time! Last week my little princess got a princess makeover. Well this week she got to attend a princess tea party! In addition to the tea party, they played lots of fun princess games. I am going to share some about the tea party AND give you lots of ideas if you are planning to throw a princess party.
1. Pin the Tiara on the Princess. This one is pretty self explanatory. Print out a photo of a tiara, blindfold the girls, and see if they can get the tiara on the princess’ head. For the princess, we used a personal outfit assistant by Girls Looking Cute.

Photo by: Shooting Stars Photography
Here is a better shot of the Girls Looking Cute personal outfit assistants. They are really pretty neat. You can customize your doll to look just like your daughter. Then every night you dress the doll up with tomorrow’s clothes. Boom! No more fussing over what to wear to school the next day, because you already have it set out.
2. Hot Tiara. This was a fun variation on hot potato. The girls passed around a dress-up tiara to some fun princess music. When the music stops, whoever is holding the tiara is out. However, the way this game worked, when a girl was eliminated from the game, she got a lollipop prize. It was a fun everybody wins solution, so no one got their feelings hurt. 
3. Every Girl Can Be A Princess. Snow White taught all the girls a song called, “Every Girl Can Be A Princess.” They even did some simple actions that went along with the words. The song has a great message and the girls really loved it.

This would be really fun to do at a party. If you don’t want to teach a song, you could do some princess karaoke or a little dance party to get some energy out. You can find the music to “Every Girl Can Be a Princess” HERE. I also looked up some princess karaoke cd’s for you too. That link is HERE.

Before I get to the craft, I will have to tell you a little more about the tea party. The girls learned about good manners, how to set the table, and how to curtsy.

Curtsy lessons
Setting the Table

Each girl also got a chance to get her picture will all of the princesses. They were in heaven. Here is my princess in the middle of all the ‘big’ princesses.

If you live in Arizona, I can not stress enough how much fun this was. There is one more event coming up on April 28. It is a Daddy/Daugher & Mother/Son ball. You can get more info and tickets here:

Okay now for a fun little princess craft/party favor. It is a very simple princess wand, with a giant pixie stick for the wand! My daughter came home from preschool with this, and she has been carrying it around non stop since then.

I will tell you how to make it, but I’m not sure you need directions. It is that simple.
  • Giant Pixy Sticks (You can buy them HERE)
  • Curled Ribbon
  • Foam or scrapbook paper stars
  • Stapler

Simply staple the star and curled ribbon to the top of the giant pixy stick. You can keep it simple or fancy it up a bit and let your party guests decorate their wands.
You can check with your local candy shop to see if they carry the Giant Pixy Stixs, or you can buy them on Amazon for less than a dollar a piece.

Phew! I think we did it all. Three princess party activities and a craft/party favor. Thanks for reading!




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    Ashley! This party would be any little girl’s dream come true! All of those Disney princesses together?! I love all of the game ideas too. I’m a true believer in “real” parties for the kids. This is perfect!

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