No Fall Hanging Dishtowels


At my house we suffer from chronic “dishtowel on the floor” syndrome. The silly things just won’t stay on the oven door. Today I am going to show you some cute dishtowels that won’t fall down. The secret is that they are buttoned on! All you need is a dishtowel, a pot holder, and a button.

Step 1. Gather your supplies: 1 Dishtowel, 1 pot holder with a loop at the top, 1 button that will fit inside the pot holder loop, and sewing supplies.
Step 2. Iron a crease into the center of the dishtowel. 

Step 3. Sew a basting stitch along the crease. Use your longest stitch length and leave plenty of extra thread on each end. You do not do any back stitching either.

Step 4. Pull on the loose ends of the thread to gather the dishtowel. You want the dishtowel to end up the same width as the pot holder.

Step 5. Mark the center of the pot holder with a sewing pen or pencil. Pin the center of the pot holder to the line you gathered on the dishtowel. Pin more than you think you need to, it’s easy for the gathered line to shift while sewing.  My seam ripper and I can tell you all about it. šŸ˜‰

Step 6. Sew down the center of the pot holder to attach the pot holder and dishtowel.

Step 7. Hand stitch your button to the front of the pot holder. I find it is easier to use a button with a shank. It gives a place for the bias tape on the pot holder to hold on to. When the pot holder is folded in half, you want the button the front side. Now you can attach the dishtowel to your oven handle and button it on.

I have made these before with square/rectangle pot holders and they are usually more narrow. This means the dishtowel will be gathered a little more than mine. I love the colors of this particular set. I found the pot holder and dishtowel combo on clearance for $2 at Target. Awesome! It’s a cute, fun, and simple way to spruce up your kitchen. PLUS it keeps those towels off the floor!




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    This is a very cute idea. I have several dish towels from my grandma that are similar. But they have a crocheted top that goes around the bar. I like them because I like vintage, but I also really like the more modern look of yours.

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