Teacher gift idea: Crabtree & Evelyn Gift Set

This post is part of the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide. Make sure you check out the guide for lots of great gift ideas.

I'm kind of hoping my child's teacher doesn't read my blog, because then the surprise would be ruined. This year I am giving her the Pomegranate, Argan, & Grapeseed Essentials tote from Crabtree & Evelyn. The set includes a Skin Cleansing Bath and Shower Gel, Skin Quenching Body Lotion, and Ultra-moisturizing Hand Therapy plus a tote bag.

I always knew that teaching was a very challenging job. However until this year I don't think I realized just how tough it can be. I've been spending time volunteering both in the classroom, and with classroom prep type stuff. I'm only there an hour or two and I'm beat. I can't imagine going all day long. Teachers put so much of themselves into teaching, that I think they deserve a really nice and luxurious gift. Another thing I have noticed is that kids are kind of dirty and germy, especially in the younger grades. I can only imagine how many times a day a Kindergarten teacher washes or sanitizes their hands. That is one of the things that really drew me to this set. The Pomegranate Argan & Grapeseed Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy will do a lot of help counteract all the hand washing.

The set contains full size bottles, which is nice. You won't be giving the sampler platter. The lotion, body wash, and hand therapy come wrapped up in tissue with a Crabtree & Evelyn seal. You know you are getting the good stuff when it comes with the Crabtree & Evelyn seal.

I think the tote bag is really cute and it doubles as the gift bag. The tote is high quality and has a small zippered section so you can keep track of anything small.

I can't think of a more perfect way to say thank you to the teachers in your life than by giving them a little pampering! Of course, I'm not a teacher and I love it too. So don't feel limited to picking up some Crabtree & Evelyn products for any of the women in your life, including yourself!
Crabtree & Evelyn has lots of great gift ideas including a line of Fine Foods. You can check out their holiday gift guide for lots of great gift giving ideas.

Disclaimer: I received a promotional item from Crabtree & Evelyn to facilitate my post.

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  1. that would be a nice gift for anyone espically a teacher